Why Digital Securities?

Raise capital efficiently

Companies need to raise funds to operate a business and develop their ideas. Take advantage of the simplicity and efficiency of digital securities.

Attract global investors

Securities are no longer isolated in regional exchanges. Attract a pool of global investors ready to purchase your offering.


Easier access to liquidity as security tokens provide a simplified means to trade internally amongst other investors directly.

Shareholder Management

Blockchain security tokens allow you to directly improve shareholder relations through token management, proof of investment and vote facilitation.

Digital Securities versus Traditional Securities

Market Transparency

Digital securities are smart contracts publicly viewable and auditable on the blockchain. This means real-time transactions, shareholders lists, transparent majority shareholder activities, autonomously enforceable share restrictions, automated dividend distributions and putting an end to naked shorting.

Administrative Efficiencies

Traditional markets are plagued with paper and administrative costs for processing. Digital securities bring administration to the 21st century, including transparent & paperless voting facilitations, an increase in reliability and allowing processes such as KYC to remain paperless and quick.

Improved Relations

Open and transparent management is key to better align objectives between the corporation and stakeholders. Communications between the two parties are challenging in the traditional securities environment. Smart contracts hold the state of any digital security at any given time. Real-time knowledge of data is accessible for queries.

Opaque Markets

Traditional markets are plagued with backroom deals, insider trading and withheld intel to shareholders. We often rely on companies to be open and transparent with shareholder relations but there is no way to verify the absolute truth. Companies often operate in the dark and shareholders suffer from its outcomes.

Archaic Inefficiencies

Companies listed in the traditional securities ecosystem don't even know who their shareholders are, nor can provide them with the services to align company and shareholder objectives. The infrastructure is archaic and cannot present a framework that will provide a middle ground for key stakeholders.

Paper Shuffling

We rely on humans and traditional paper to process important aspects of the securities ecosystem including KYC and vote facilitation. There is no information capture feedback and presents administrative risks, burdens and expenses that are no longer necessary.

Why Blockchain Fortress?

Our expertise.

We provide expertise in blockchain technology since 2013. Our company is pioneering the standards and protocols of digital securities. As a leader in the field, we have the opportunity to use our experience in tech & business to shape the future of capital markets. We invite you to collaborate with us and become one of many innovative companies that will benefit from the tokenized economy. Be part of the evolution.

Our partnerships.

We have established relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders to ensure the smoothest transition possible to digital securities offered by blockchain technology. Our connections provide Blockchain Fortress with the necessary regulatory, technical and business partnerships required to successfully launch this ecosystem. Our unique position enables us to provide you with the tools to successfully launch a digital security.

The Digital Securities Offering Process

Step 1: Public vs. Private Offering

We will consult with you to develop and model a public/private security token offering (STO). This will include how your digital security tokenomics can be designed to align with your incentives and be legally compliant (ex. NI-45-106 requirements).

Step 2: Offering Memorandum (Private), Prospectus (Public) Creation

Your digital security will undergo a legal compliance review, develop a marketing plan and lead to the creation of your offering memorandum (for private placements) or prospectus (for public offering).

Step 3: Corporate Structuring and Digital Asset Listing

A corporate structure will be developed alongside an investor pitch deck for the offering. Infrastructure such as digital wallets enable investors to interact with your digital securities. A digital asset listing plan and any necessary tech application development will proceed to ensure you reach as many investors as possible.

Step 4: Token design, creation and issuance

Your digital security tokens will be created within a blockchain smart contract. Contract security auditing will be performed and engagement with stock exchanges and brokers will begin.

Step 5: Launch of your offering

For private placements, friends & family rounds will begin and marketing campaigns (ex. road shows) will begin with the exempt market dealers.

For public offerings, the digital security will be listed on a public market and launched for trading.

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